Green MIST Pro

Green MIST Pro

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The Green MIST Pro is our most powerful Green MIST product. It is designed for high volume commercial use and the unique experience it creates can make it a lucrative addition to any bar or club. It comes in a green finish and either 110V or 220V. This is a whole new way to experience (and serve) CBD/cannabis. 

Capacity:  For clubs and venues with over 500-person capacity.

*Patent Pending

What makes Green MIST special?

The Green MIST System is a one-of-a-kind creation that brings a whole new way to use CBD/cannabis oil. It fills serving balloons with a fine mist containing micro-droplets of CBD/cannabis oil and alcohol.

Green MIST systems are unique in that they allow bars and clubs to easily sell single servings of CBD/cannabis oil. And only a tiny amount of the CBD/cannabis oil is needed per serving, making this product highly economical. 

This innovative way to combine the best of CBD and alcohol gives you an instant buzz followed by the pleasant calm of CBD. When mixed with a fraction of a drop of alcohol, the effects of the oils are up to 4X stronger.

Make $7,500+ per bottle of liquor! Due to the efficiency of the system, up to 1,500 Green MIST shots can be produced from a single 750ml bottle of alcohol.

The Green MIST Pro system is designed for high-volume use and is capable of serving up to 720 shots per hour, averaging 10 seconds per shot, per serving nozzle. When fully loaded with 375ml of liquid for each nozzle, the Green MIST Pro system can dispense up to 1,500 total Green MIST shots before refilling.

Green MIST is perfect for events and festivals where washing glassware is not possible. The system uses latex balloons which are cost effective and easily managed.

Green MIST can also be used with CBD/cannabis oil and flavoring to make flavored CBD/cannabis shots that are non-alcoholic. 

​The Green MIST systems are constructed from the best possible materials with an all aluminum interior and exterior structure. All of the components are either food service or medical grade and are precision tooled for years of trouble-free operation.

The Green MIST Pro is equipped with a WiFi capable 7″ tablet which can display videos and images for promotional purposes. 

**This dispensing process does not involve the vaporization of the alcohol. Green MIST Pro is not a vaporizer and is not categorized as one. It is a dispenser of liquid alcohol just like any other automated shot dispenser.