GreenMIST Mobile

GreenMIST Mobile

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GreenMIST systems create Atomized CBD Shots comprised of Microdroplets of CBD with or without alcohol. 
GreenMIST is the innovative nightlife entertainment system that revolutionizes how CBD can be served and enjoyed. It fills balloons with a fine mist of CBD and alcohol, giving you an instant buzz that tastes great followed by the pleasant benefits and effects of CBD.
When used without alcohol, the CBD effects will be more immediate and efficient than consumption via drops or edibles.


GreenMIST shots are still liquid and comply with regulation requirements for Alcohol Beverage Commissions who are authorized to govern the sale and consumption of liquid alcohol. 

Use of CBD and alcohol together are governed by State and Federal law. Please verify the legality of use for your location.

Why Use GreenMIST:

Commercial Potential: GreenMIST systems allow bars and clubs to sell single serving shots of CBD in a way that hasn't been possible before. 

Efficiency: Only a tiny amount of the CBD is needed per serving, and the same goes for alcohol. Turn a 750ml bottle into 1,500 GreenMIST shots. 

Enhanced Effect: When mixed with a fraction of a drop of alcohol, the effects of the oils are up to 4X stronger.

Efficiency: Use Less and Get More

  • Make 1,500+ GreenMIST shots from a single 750ml bottle of liquor.
  • Add just a tiny fraction of a regular dose of CBD to get the desired effect.
  • Each shot costs pennies and sell from $5-$20.
  • There's never been a more economical way to serve CBD.

How It Works:

The way it works is simple. Just add a small amount of CBD powder to one of your GreenMIST reservoirs along with your spirit of choice or non-alcoholic mixer and enjoy an atomized CBD shot in a balloon.

Pre-mixed CBD tinctures available at most CBD stores can also be used by itself in the GreenMIST systems. Atomizing the mixture means you feel the effects with much less CBD.

GreenMIST presents a new way to enjoy the pleasant effects of CBD with or without alcohol and a new offering for businesses looking to capitalize on the rising popularity of CBD in regions that permit its sale.

GreenMIST Models:


GreenMIST Mini Plus: For bars and pubs with up to 100-person capacity.

GreenMIST Silver: For bars and small discos with up to 500-person capacity.

GreenMIST Pro: For clubs and venues with over 500-person capacity.

GreenMIST Mobile: Battery operated and self contained allowing the server the ability to move freely within a bar, club, or an event venue.

PLEASE NOTE: You are not obligated to use balloons from our company and can purchase them from a third-party. However, Vapshot, Inc. cannot be responsible for the quality of the third-party balloons nor any issues that may arise, no matter what the issues may be.

MODIFICATION NOTICE: You are not authorized to modify or alter our products in any manner. If you do, all warranty, support, and replacement parts are immediately void, terminated, and made unavailable, and we are no longer responsible for the performance, safety, or operation of the products.