What is GreenMIST?

GreenMIST is an innovative and exciting new way to serve and consume CBD-infused alcohol shots. The GreenMIST system fills disposable latex balloons with a fine mist of micro-droplets of a CBD with or without alcohol.

What Makes the Experience Different?

GreenMIST gives you an instant buzz lasting about 20 minutes then followed by the calming effects of CBD. Each shot also has only 1/60th the calories of a normal shot of liquor. Combining CBD and alcohol enhances the effects of the CBD by up to 4 times stronger.

Can GreenMIST Be Used Without Alcohol?

Yes, GreenMIST can be used with CBD powder and flavoring instead of alcohol. CBD tincture can also be used by itself without mixing in anything else in the GreenMIST systems. These non-alcoholic atomized CBD shots taste great and give you the calming effects and benefits of CBD. This means you can use GreenMIST without alcohol in even more places and events where serving alcohol is not possible.

How Can Such a Small Amount of Alcohol Have An Effect?

With normal drinking, only a small amount of alcohol gets absorbed into the bloodstream, the rest of the alcohol is wasted. By introducing the alcohol directly to the bloodstream, these systems can produce the desired effect with just that small amount that is needed.

Are GreenMIST machines vaporized alcohol machines?

No, GreenMIST machines do not vaporize alcohol or CBD. The liquid used never changes state of matter, rather it is turned into a fine mist of micro-droplets which remain in liquid form.

What Are the Differences Between the Four Models?

GreenMIST comes in four models, one mobile model and three stationary models. The three stationary models are designed for different capacity levels. The Mini Plus model is designed for places with a capacity of 100 or less. The Silver model is designed for capacities of up to 500. The Pro model is designed for capacities of over 500. The Silver and Pro models include Wi-Fi capable 7″ tablets which can display videos and images for promotional purposes. The Pro model has two nozzles and two reservoirs which allow multiple flavors/liquors to be offered at the same time. The GreenMIST Mobile is a portable backpack system that allows servers to sell atomized shots anywhere and everywhere. This means reaching more potential customers and the ability to sell at events and festivals with ease.

How Much Does It Cost to Run a GreenMIST Machine?

Each GreenMIST shot costs mere pennies and can be sold for $5 up to $20. Due to the efficiency of the system, GreenMIST machines can produce over 1,500 shots from a standard 750ml bottle of liquor.

Are They Difficult to Use?

GreenMIST machines are very user-friendly. They are designed to be plug and play. In less than 5 minutes you can teach a server how to operate one of these machines and start serving GreenMIST shots right then and there.

What Maintenance is Required for These Machines?

Little to no maintenance is required as these machines are a closed system, meaning once they are loaded with alcohol they are sealed and protected from contamination. If a liquid that has a lot of sugar or syrup is put into the machine then it may be necessary to run water through the system to flush it out.

What About Repairs?

All Vapshot machines are constructed from the best possible materials and all of the components are either food service or medical grade and are precision-tooled for years of trouble-free operation. The machines are also user-serviceable in many cases, meaning we can send you the materials and instruct you on how to replace a worn out or broken part. All new Vapshot systems come with a 1-year warranty.

Can I Use Any Balloons?

We strongly recommend that our customers use our balloons because the balloons we offer are made specifically for us and are made without the use of any powder which is often used to produce latex balloons. Using our balloons means you can be sure that the balloons are high-quality and powder-free. PLEASE NOTE: You are not obligated to use balloons from our company and can purchase them from a third-party. However, Vapshot, Inc. cannot be responsible for the quality of the third-party balloons nor any issues that may arise, no matter what the issues may be.

Are These Machines Safe?

Very little alcohol is introduced into the body with each GreenMIST shot and the alcohol leaves the system quickly. We have conducted third-party testing to show that even if you consumed a GreenMIST shot every 10 minutes for 7 hours straight, you would still be substantially below the set safety levels detailed by OSHA for inhaling ethyl alcohol. These machines operate as and are categorized as beverage dispensing machines, just like a margarita machine, meaning alcohol served using a GreenMIST machine falls under the same regulations as alcohol served any other way. Each GreenMIST shot should be treated by the establishment serving them the same way as a regular shot of alcohol.