Highest Profits for Your Club or Bar!

Alcohol MIST is an innovative and highly profitable product to offer your patrons. It’s more than an exciting new way to serve liquor, it’s an experience. This new trend is taking the nightlife world by storm. And you can be a part of it.

Easily make a net profit of $50K to $60K annually per system in your bar or club.

Vapshot systems are designed for high volume use and the unique experience they create can make them a lucrative addition to any bar or club.



Make $7,500+ per bottle of liquor!

Due to the efficiency of these systems, up to 1,500 Alcohol MIST shots and 2000 Vapshots can be produced from a single 750ml bottle of alcohol.

Shots Per 750ml Bottle

  • Green/Alcohol MIST Pro: 1,500
  • Vapshot Pro: 2000

A similar level of efficiency is seen when using CBD/cannabis oil in our Green MIST systems. It takes just a fraction of a drop of CBD or cannabis oil per Green MIST shot. 

Our top of the line systems, the Green/Alcohol MIST Pro and Vapshot Pro, are capable of handling the large and eager crowds they inevitably end up creating with ease. Each have two nozzles for simultaneous serving.

Shots Per Hour

  • Green/Alcohol MIST Pro: 1,440
  • Vapshot Pro: 2,880


  • Green/Alcohol MIST Pro: 375ml per nozzle = 1,500 shots
  • Vapshot Pro: 750ml per nozzle = 3,000 shots

The average selling price per Vapshot is $5+. The math speaks for itself.

The Bottom-Line

Alcohol MIST and Vapshot have been demonstratively effective at increasing business. In most cases, the establishments that have brought our commercial systems on board have dramatically increased their alcohol purchases from distributors because the presence of Vapshot products help to increase drink sales overall.

Not only are the systems themselves extremely efficient and cost effective, but they also offer something novel, tantalizing, fun, and exotic to both new and regular customers. The novelty draws people in and the unique experience keeps them coming back.

The average increase in alcohol sales for establishments with Vapshot or Alcohol MIST systems are at least 25% on top of revenues generated by the sale of Alcohol MIST shots or Vapshots themselves.