CBD / Cannabis Infused Atomized Shots

Alcohol MIST is the innovative nightlife entertainment system that fills balloons with a fine mist of alcohol, giving you an instant buzz that tastes great with just 1/60th the calories.

All Alcohol MIST systems are CBD/Cannabis Oil Compatible

That means you can add any brand of CBD/cannabis oil to your Alcohol MIST. This adds a whole new pleasant and refreshing element to the Alcohol MIST experience. And it gives businesses a completely new and effective way to capitalize on this increasingly popular market. 

Benefits of CBD/Cannabis Oil Infused Alcohol MIST Shots

  • Economical: It takes just a tiny amount of CBD/cannabis oil to get the desired effect, making CBD-infused Alcohol MIST extremely efficient and economical.
  • Enhanced Effect: Alcohol has been shown to enhance the effect of CBD when used together. Experience up to 4 times the strength, with a much quicker onset.
  • Commercialized: Gives bars, clubs, and other businesses a way to serve CBD/cannabis oil in controlled, single-servings. 

Efficiency: Use Less and Get More

  • Make 1,500+ Alcohol MIST shots from a single 750ml bottle of liquor.
  • Add just a tiny fraction of a regular dose of CBD/cannabis oil to get the desired effect.
  • Normal Alcohol MIST shots sell for $5-$10. Add CBD and sell them for more, with barely any CBD oil needed. 
  • There's never been a more economical way to serve CBD/cannabis oil.

How It Works

The way it works is simple. Just add a small amount of CBD oil to one of your Alcohol MIST reservoirs, along with your spirit of choice, and enjoy a CBD-infused Alcohol MIST shot. Atomizing the mixture means you feel the effects it with much, much less alcohol and CBD oil.

You can even serve CBD/cannabis oil with an Alcohol MIST machine without any alcohol at all. Just use another flavored, non-syrupy liquid like flavored water along with a few drops of CBD/cannabis oil. 

This new feature presents a new way to enjoy the pleasant effects of CBD and alcohol and a new offering for businesses looking to capitalize on the rising popularity of CBD/cannabis oil in regions that permit its sale.