Become A Vapshot Authorized Dealer

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Be your own BOSS!

Got the entrepreneurial spirit? Looking for the right business opportunity? Apply to become a Vapshot Authorized Dealer. Get in on the innovative edge of the bar and nightlife scene and partner with us. This is an opportunity like none other.

Offer Something New and Innovative

Vapshot products are in a category all of their own. Because of this, and their captivating look and intriguing premise, they represent a huge potential addition to bars and nightclubs that want to stand above and apart from the competition.

And you can be the one to offer this innovative new source of revenue to these establishments. Be the one that sets the trend ablaze in your part of the world.

Vapshot systems generate huge revenues and traffic for bars and clubs. This wholly unique way to experience alcohol is a game-changing new trend in the nightlife industry and you can be a part of it. Learn more about what makes Vapshot and Alcohol MIST so appealing to those in the nightlife industry. 

Qualified individuals can even get exclusive rights to distribute Vapshot products in their region. 

Sell the Party, Live the Life

Complete dealer packages are available including demo units, sales and marketing materials, and training on sales and maintenance of the machines. We will even provide financing to qualified bars and clubs.

Minimum investment needed to become a dealer. Contact us today about our Authorized Dealer program to see how Vapshot can be your next lucrative venture.


To become an Exclusive Distributor for a city, state or country, please contact us for additional information to see if you meet the minimum requirements for company structure and stocking quantities.

PLEASE NOTE: It is illegal to vape or inhale alcohol in any manner in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal and Bhutan. In fact it is even against the law to possess a device that will do so and will result in fines and jail time. Because of this we cannot sell or ship our products to those locations. 

Please also note the following: You can call your company any name you like but you cannot use Vapshot or Alcohol MIST as the name of your company in part or in whole nor can you use them as the url of your website or social media name. Vapshot and Alcohol MIST are trademarks for our company. For our resellers and distributors, we provide a special logo to use to show you are authorized to offer and sell our products, but no one is allowed to use our company trademark as stated above.