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Vapshot visits Coachella 2014 and takes over. Check out what people are saying about the latest craze in adult beverages!

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Cocktails: Shaken, stirred, reconstituted or inhaled?

Vaporized shots and powdered alcohol could create new revenue streams for your restaurant’s bar program.

Ready to put cutting-edge cocktail technology to work in your restaurant’s bar? We’ve got two options you may wish to check out: Vapshot and Palcohol. Either product should bring at least some short-term energy and excitement to a restaurant’s bar scene—perhaps more than some restaurants might want—and could also deliver a jolt to the operation’s bottom line.

The makers of Vapshot bill it as a vaporized spirits system that provides a healthy, safe and fast way for customers to consume alcohol. Customers don’t drink the alcohol; they inhale it. Because the alcoholic vapor enters the bloodstream quickly through the lungs, instead of passing through the stomach and liver, the effects are felt almost immediately. Touted benefits of this method of alcohol ingestion include near-zero calories and no hangovers.

The Vapshot machine, which costs $4,000, is versatile. It can produce vapors only, vapors plus a drinkable shot of liquor or a mixed drink. In a way, it’s an industrial strength version of the Vaportini device, which also produces alcohol vapors and can be purchased on eBay for around $35. Same idea, but the Vaportini, which uses a standard tea candle as its heating device, may be way too slow for use in a busy bar, or even in a not-very-busy bar. The Vapshot is designed to handle crowds.

Why would a restaurant want to install something as crazy-sounding as the Vapshot in its bar? Consider this line from the company’s marketing materials: “Due to the efficiency of the system, up to 1,500 Vapshots can be produced from a single 750ml bottle of 80-proof alcohol.” Which is to say, the pouring cost for vapor shots produced by this alcohol delivery system would be almost infinitesimal, roughly $.01 cents a hit.

There may be more customers interested in vaping alcohol than some operators might assume. In an era when e-cigarette devices have had a major impact on the tobacco industry and hipsters still like to hit the oxygen bar, the idea of going out on the town to inhale something has become a near-mainstream behavior. You can read all about the vaping market in publications such as Vaping Press magazine, Spinfuel eMagzine, VPR magazine, Vape News magazine and ESM (Electronic Smokers Magazine). Collectively, these publications suggest that vaping has become a lifestyle and a culture for some.

The Vapshot, which drew big crowds at this year’s Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas, is on the market right now. But you’ll have to wait a few months to experiment with Palcohol. The U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has withdrawn its initial approval of this powdered alcohol product. It should be available by fall.

Powdered alcohol is not a new concept. General Foods Corp., the maker of Jell-O and multiple other branded food items that is now a subsidiary of Kraft, patented a method for creating powdered alcohol in 1974. Somehow, the company did not foresee the future popularity of Jell-O shots in bars.

Palcohol brings contemporary marketing sensibility to the idea. Its initial product line will include vodka and rum, plus four varieties of add-water-and-stir cocktails: Cosmopolitan, Mojito, “Powderita” and Lemon Drop. It’s targeted at on-the-go consumers who prefer the DIY approach to cocktail making.

The product’s portability is its key. But who knows what kind of imaginative drinks a professional mixologist could come up with using this product? Pastry chefs may figure out how to make cool new boozy desserts. And Palcohol thinks the product could turn up elsewhere on restaurant menus, too.

Here’s how the company addresses that possibility on its website:

“Can Palcohol be added to food? Beer, wine and spirits are often added to dishes to enhance the flavor. When you add Palcohol to food, you’re not really adding flavor to the dish, just alcohol. We’ve been experimenting with it, adding Powderita powder to guacamole, Cosmopolitan powder on a salad, V in a vodka sauce, etc. It gives the food a kick.

“As Palcohol is a new product, we have yet to understand its potential of being added to food. As always, please use it responsibly. Because it adds alcohol to the dish, do not serve the dish to minors.”

Palcohol’s makers say its initial approval was quickly withdrawn by regulators due to labeling issues. Right now, the product is good to go, but the labeling is being reworked.

It’s difficult to predict whether the Vapshot machine or Palcohol will find commercial success in the restaurant world. But if your restaurant and its bar program are open to experimentation, this could be your chance to cash in on what could be an emerging trend.


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Product Snapshot: Exciting Products on the Market

April 29, 2014By: Nightclub & Bar


Photo: Jason Little 

Exciting and innovative bar, nightclub, restaurant, spirit and beer products are hitting the market every day. Here we have taken the guess work out of searching endlessly for that new product that will help your bottom line profits soar.

Antonio Villard Premium Electronic Cigars

We’ve all seen our share of electronic cigarettes but well-constructed, realistic electronic cigars? Not so much.  That’s where Antonio Villard Premium Electronic Cigars come in.  Delivering consistent flavor, a pleasant aroma, luxury “vaping” and premium construction, these 800-puff electronic cigars are ideal for relaxing at home and stepping out on the town.  Try the Royale for a large ring size and dark wrapper or the Cubana for a smaller ring size, lighter wrapper and refined experience.   Be on the lookout for their latest entry into the vaping market, 200-puff mini-electronic cigars available in 6 different flavors, including grape, lemon and strawberry.  Still not sure?  Jon Taffer himself keeps two on him.

Fair Quinoa Vodka

Fair Spirits is both a premium spirits company and a socially responsible one, dedicated to ethical production and sustainability.  Fair sources their quinoa from the Altiplano plateau of Bolivia.  Once sourced, the ingredients are sent to the Cognac region of France so that their spirits can be created by Master Brewer and Distiller Philip Laclie.  The result is a smooth premium vodka with a pleasing taste that can certainly hold its own against better known – for now – vodkas.

Joseph James Brewing Company, Inc. Citra Rye Pale Ale

Southern Nevada craft beer company Joseph James Brewing is expanding into new markets and it’s about time!  Their Citra Rye Pale Ale achieves its bready malt flavor and dry finish by combining 2-row, Vienna and Rye malts and then adding Cascade, Centennial and Citra hops.  Notes of passionfruit, gooseberry and lychee with an ABV of 5.4% and 55 IBUs (International Bitterness Units).

Tap It Brewing Co. Café Noir

Hailing from San Luis Obispo, Tap It Brewing Co. offers some of finest craft beer on the market, due in part to their well-balanced products.  Their very latest, the 9.3% ABV Café Noir is an Imperial Coffee Porter, aged 8 months in Pinot Noir barrels (sourced from Sea Smoke) and infused with locally sourced coffee just before bottling for a unique, fresh flavor.  Also try their hoppy IPA, robust Full Blown Stout and light, refreshing Pi ale.


Tatratea is a line of premium spirits based on black Assam tea coupled with hundreds of hand-picked botanical ingredients combined in a unique and innovative fermentation process.  Additionally, the lineup consists of varying proofs, from the light and refreshing Tatratea Citrus (32% alcohol) in a lime green bottle to the complex yet smooth Outlaw (72% alcohol) that comes in a gunmetal bottle.


The Vaportini is a revolutionary and stylish new way to consume alcohol.  Eschewing traditional consumption, alcohol is inhaled rather than swallowed, going directly into the bloodstream, most often providing a mellow buzz.  Best of all, it’s easy to use and definitely attracts attention.  An ounce of a spirit is poured into the glass globe which is then placed on the base, perched over a small candle and heated for 5 minutes.  The vapor is then inhaled through a straw.  This works with best with higher proof, flavorful spirits, allowing the subtleties and flavors to really shine through when inhaled.


Another entry into the vapor market, the Vāpshot is a fun and innovative way to consume spirits.  The machine is designed for high volume commercial use and injects a fine mist of spirits into specially designed, pressurized containers.  To serve the Vāpshot you simply twist and pop the top and inhale the vaporized alcohol through a straw.  A single 750ml bottle of 80-proof alcohol can produce up to 1,500 Vāpshots.


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Seven Products to Spice Up Your Booze Game at Nightclub & Bar Show 



Of course Oscar Goodman was on the red carpet of the Nightclub & Bar Show, Martini in hand. Could you possibly have that convention any other way? Once Mayor Carolyn Goodman cut the rope on the trade show, running through Wednesday at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and we unwashed masses were allowed to go booth hopping, there was plenty to find. And we don’t mean just the pseudo-club set ups for ADJ’s DJ equipment or what appeared to be some sort of XS-branded haunted house. (OK, maybe that was just us, but we totally thought it looked like the entrance to a haunted house. Also? How great would a haunted house nightclub be? Other than, we suppose, Goretorium.)

Pictured above, two-year-old operation Sin City Cupcakes delivers, from Summerlin straight to you, cupcakes filled with a booze-infused filling and topped with a vodka-cream frosting. Co-owner Danielle Cole (she shares the biz with Miss Las Vegas 2014 Lisa Sutton) assures us you won’t get drunk off them. That may have been where our attention started to wander. They’re now shipping just the filling if you want to bake it into your own cupcakes. We can’t imagine you want to do anything more on a Saturday afternoon with grandma.


David Segall’s Das Horn allows you to drink like a Viking without going through all the existential angst over whether or not you’ll make it to Valhalla. Drink enough 24-ounce horns of mead through one of these things, and you’ll think you’re already there. ($24.99 on ThinkGeek.com)


Beer pong was a big deal at the convention, but the Penumbra Tables were the only ones that added voodoo, or some other kind of dark magic to the mix. Don’t like it when your ball gets wet? Drop it in the jet stream mounted at either end of the table and watch it hover-dry. Finally, Back to the Future 2 got something right! Sort of. A sensor detects when you’ve taken the ball back and cuts the air flow. “Sensor,” “Voodoo.” Same difference.


See, the problem of beer pong in the past, was that you couldn’t shove quarters at it to make it happen. The Beer Pong Master arcade game solves that problem. It plays a lot like pop-a-shot, except with ping pong balls and blue-lit plastic cups that wink out as you keep sinking balls. It also doesn’t have a peer-pressury frat dude at the other end barking at you to drink. So you win some, you lose some. We also found the minute-long timer you have to knock down all 10 cups wasn’t nearly enough time, mostly because the machine cheated. Somehow. Or maybe we were right all along and really do play better after a couple of pitchers.


You know what the worst part of fruit is? What’s that you say? “The fact that it won’t get you drunk unless you ferment it inside a prison toilet?” We knew we’d find a soulmate eventually. Anyway, Montana’s Wicked Lix teams with a distiller out of Iowa to deliver “super-infused” cherries, oranges and pineapple shot through with spiced rum, coconut rum, chocolate cream vodka, cinnamon whiskey and other types of hooch. You’re welcome for solving your problem, nature.


As if you weren’t embarrassed enough to go to the bar and order your girlfriend a Purple Hooter, now Little Waisted takes your drink and makes them, well, shinier, with the addition of glittering cocktail rim sugars and salts. According to the company’s Trevor Brooks, MGM Grand will start featuring the product with some of its drinks.


And then there’s the other 800-pound gorilla of the show–vaping. There were tons of vape products available, including e-cigars and a disposable e-cigarette (good for 1,000 puffs over roughly two months) from Square. But Vapshot takes the charm of vaping and adds in the festivity of those little champagne poppers on New Year’s Eve. The machine turns booze into a mist that’s then sealed in a plastic bottle. Pop the top, stick in a straw and inhale your hooch. It’s cute, but we like our sauce, well, as sauce.



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One of the highlights of the Nightclub & Bar Convention, which was held March 24-26 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, is the exhibit hall, loaded with vape this, energy drink that and social networking apps for days—all sorts of bar/club gimmicks by zealous entrepreneurs trying to break into the lucrative nightlife industry. Here are 10 emerging products for which revelers should be on the lookout.

1. Shtox Rotating Glass, by Shtox Done playing with your phone? Now you can play with your Negroni. This cocktail glass spins for about 20 seconds thanks to its hand-ground concave bottom. According to manufacturer Shtox, Rose.Rabbit.Lie already serves their signature libations in them.

2. Fantasia Electronic Bowl, by Fantasia Hookah Flavors It was only a matter of time before e-hookahs descended upon the shisha-fatigued and pre-barhop student demos, who will delight in these less-messy, tobacco- and charcoal-free pipes and their accompanying flavored e-liquids.

3. Mimi Icy Beer Foam, by Mimi Oh great, more foam in my beer. But these suds from the spigot—made from beer itself—actually help preserve the carbonation of your brew for an additional 30 minutes, Screw the local bar, let’s get this frothy formula over to Cashman Field, stat!

4. Penumbra Beer Pong Tables, by Penumbra Tables Ever wanted a machine that dries your balls? These hi-tech tables not only come with LED lights that illuminate your cups and WiFi that enable payment and scorekeeping, they also hoist and dry your wet orb through a vertical air stream—which is not to be confused with the pong tactic known as a blow job. And speaking of…

5. Suck and Blow, by SAB Enterprises Naturally, these new adult beverage delivery mechanisms were a hit with conventioneers. You’re exhaling at one end of the shot tube. They’re inhaling until the spiked jello blasts right into their mouths. Now swallow!

6. Vulcan Ale and Klingon Warnog, by Federation of Beer Yes, they’re Star Trek-themed craft beers, from a town in Alberta, Canada actually called Vulcan. And its hometown ale—which is a variation of an Irish Ale, brewed by New Jersey-based Harvest Moon—ain’t half bad. It’s also useful in catching the tears of local trekkies still bemoaning the closure of Star Trek: The Experience.

7. Sweeet Seats Toilet Covers, by Designer Sweeet Seats When translucent toilet tissue bores your butt, stylize your seat with these printed, flushable covers, which include cheetah and lipstick themes for ladies and camouflage for men. Your local corporate bar not fun enough to stock them? Five-pack purse boxes to the rescue!

8. Vapshot Vaporized Spirits, by Vapshot Yup, boozers can now get in on the vape fad. It starts with alcoholic mist put into a pressurized container via a Vapshot machine. Patrons pop open the plastic bottle, initiating the vaporization process, and then suck the steam out through a straw. Bonus: The shots don’t have the glycerol or glycerine of e-cigarettes, meaning you’ll only endanger your poor liver.

9. FAIR Quinoa Vodka, by FAIR Brand Spirits For the conscious cocktailer. This vodka—already an award winner—comes from the hot, gluten-free powergrain that is also Fair Trade-certified. It’s delicious, and you can taste it for yourself at Downtown Cocktail Room, the Cosmopolitan and Mandalay Bay (among other local drinking spots).

10. Buzz Bar Ice Cream, by Buzz Bar Spiked ice cream is nothing new—see the Neapolitan’s drunken desserts over at the Cosmopolitan, or the already widely available SnoBar—but we were taken aback by the potency of the new, six-variety Buzz Bars. They don’t call them Blitzed Berry and Drunken Cookie for nothing.


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Vikings, topical urinal screens, vaporized alcohol shots and Star Trek beer, oh my.

The 2014 Nightclub &Bar Show featured a slew of new products this week that drew crowds and made some innovative entrepreneurs very busy.

During its three-day run, the industry-only trade show took over about 110,000 net square feet at the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Central Hall. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is estimating that the 2014 event brought a non-gaming economic impact of $39 million to the city. The show’s founder, Jon Taffer, said he was expecting 41,000 attendees, up from last year’s 37,000.

At Nightclub &Bar land, even your bathrooms can be fun.

Sweeet Seats showed off its toilet seat covers in designs such as leopard print and polka dot that allow you to go in style.

Across the hall, MVPee’s kitschy urinal screens were drawing a crowd. Owner Robert Weinberg was at Nightclub &Bar selling $10 monthly subscriptions for two of his topical urinal screens. During the Olympics, he sold screens that featured a picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin with the words “show Putin some gold” and for St. Patrick’s Day, he had one that said “support leprechaun rights.”

“The show has been phenomenal. People keep coming up to me and saying this is the greatest thing since sliced bread,” Weinberg said.

And for all you Vikings out there, David Segall co-created the Das Horn drinking vessel, made to look like a traditional Viking drinking horn, complete with a 24-ounce capacity. The dishwasher-safe horn retails for $25 online and at stores such as Nordstrom. It comes with a display stand and neck strap for easy transport when you’re conquering or pillaging.

“The show’s been going great for us,” Segall said. “I’m just upset that we don’t have enough to do cash-and-carry here.”

Booze Brothers Beverage, a local distribution company that sells the Las Vegas Distillery line, was exhibiting its three new mezcals and a premixed mimosa called My Mosa.

“The show’s been great,” employee Lisa Murray said. “We can’t believe the support we’re getting.”

With maybe one of the biggest crowds on the floor, Vapshot’s vaporized spirits system was also unique.

The new way to catch a buzz works like this: Grab a straw and wait while a bartender selects your shot, turns the vaporizer on, and fills an empty bottle with the misty substance. It’s promptly capped and presented to you. Quickly after you uncap the bottle, stick in your straw and slowly suck in the alcohol vapors.

And Star Trek fans, there’s even something new for you to enjoy. Federation of Beer has come out with a line of Trek-themed libations, including Vulcan Ale and Klingon Warnog.

Local nightclubs had a presence on the floor, but XS and Tryst stole the show with an appearance by rapper Lil Jon, who drew a line of attendees waiting to have their picture taken with him.

Another busy booth was Shuttle Shots, frozen, glow-in-the-dark shots that made their debut Tuesday.

Meant to be frozen, the product comes in a soft tube with a glow stick attached to a side chamber. The glow stick doubles as a warm handle while you’re drinking your frozen concoction. When it’s gone, the stick can be turned into a souvenir bracelet.

Eddie Scott, CEO of Planet Party Cocktail Co., said the reception to his day-old product has been unbelievable.

“We’ve sold out of almost everything we bought. We’ve been inundated almost the entire time and we’re writing orders for 100-plus cases and feeling a bit overwhelmed at this point,” Scott said.

Shuttle Shots, made with an orange wine, can be sold at almost any venue.


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Vapshot, Inc. Introduces Vaporized Spirits for the Hospitality and Nightclub Industry

First laboratory tested system for responsible consumption

​AUSTIN, Texas, April 4, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Vapshot™ is a refreshing new way to enjoy mix drinks, cocktails or shots. Vapshot is served in specially designed containers, which are pressurized and premixed with various spirits.

When served, you simply twist the cap, "pop the top" and a portion of the liquor will instantly vaporize right before your eyes. The process brings out the true flavor of the liquor, making it an aromatic and pleasant experience.  

​The Vapshot machine is capable of injecting a fine mist of spirits into the serving container under pressure. Self-contained and automated, it provides a liter of capacity for each of the two dispensing guns allowing for the pouring of spirits only, a Vapshot (vapor only) or a Vapshot-plus (vapor and shot). LED name plates provide product labeling and a 14-inch color LED is built-in for display of promotional videos.

​Due to the efficiency of the system, up to 1,500 Vapshots can be produced from a single 750ml bottle of 80proof alcohol. 

​The Vapshot machine is constructed from the highest quality materials including aluminum and stainless steel. Food and medical grade components ensure years of trouble free service.

​Vapshot can be served many different ways:  Vapshot (vapor only), Vapshot plus a shot of liquor, and a Vapshot mix drink.Vapshot was designed to provide a responsible way to enjoy alcohol beverages in a new and exciting manner. A Vapshot 1-liter serving, after 1 minute, will give a breathalyzer test of less than 0.05%. Within 10 minutes the level will return to 0.00%. 

​Even consumption of a 1-liter Vapshot every 10 minutes is well below standards set by OSHA for intake of ethyl alcohol. 

​"We wanted to bring a little science to the party." Said Lary Cotten, CTO, Vapshot "Our goal was to create a new, innovative, and responsible way to enjoy adult beverages"

​Unlike e-cigarettes, Vapshots do not contain glycol or glycerine. There is no introduction of any additional chemicals or compounds when consuming a Vapshot. 

​Vapshot’s vaporization process does not require any heat, which can produce vapors that may cause a burning sensation when consumed. In fact, Vapshot can be served at room temperature or even chilled. Other vaporization products use heat or a chemical reaction to vaporize the alcohol, thereby introducing factors that may be a negative to health and safety. Vapshot is not in that same category of products.

Designed to be offered as single serving portions, Vapshot is not a system for continual and constant delivery of vapors. 

The Vapshot machine is priced at $3,999 with additional cost for the containers based on model and quantity. 
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