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The Vapshot rental program is a great way to get a Vapshot system for your bar / club or private event. Vapshot has been all over the news worldwide and is a great new way of enjoying adult beverages. Vapshot always draws a crowd and is sure to make your business location or private party the talk of the town!​

​Highest profit product you can serve: Vapshots cost a fraction of the normal shot or mixed drink that you are currently serving. However, the experience and immediate effects of a Vapshot can be superior to traditional shots or mixed drinks, causing patrons to become repeat purchasers of Vapshots. Virtually all bars and clubs charge at least $5 per Vapshot. In addition, because of the popularity of Vapshot, most of the time they are served to a group of people who will then immediately text, message or post their experiences with Vapshot online to their friends. The inherent viral nature of people posting themselves doing Vapshots often results in much more business for the bar or club. It is not unusual for bars and clubs serving Vapshots to also see an increase of 25% to 35% in their traditional liquid-based shot and mixed drink sales, due to the increased number of people visiting their establishments.

Commercial rentals: 
Vapshot commercial rentals are available nationwide. Qualifying businesses can rent Vapshot systems and accessories on a weekly basis with no long term contracts or hidden costs for each of their locations. Please contact us directly for more information.