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Vapshot Silver Commercial System

Vapshot Silver Commercial System

Rated 4.60 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings
(5 customer reviews)


Vapshot Silver is designed for commercial use and is capable of producing a Vapshot every 5 seconds from a single serving gun. Vapshot Silver can also be equipped with an optional shot counter.

ADD Shot Counter (Optional)

An optional Shot Counter provides accurate count of the number of Vapshots served to help bar / club managers and owners manage their sales and inventory.

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The Vapshot Silver Commercial System: is an innovative way to present mix drinks and shots to your patrons. Vapshot Silver Commercial System is designed for high volume commercial use and capable of injecting a fine mist of spirits into the serving container under pressure. When served, the patron twists open the cap whereby it will “”pop”” similar to uncorking a bottle of champagne and then a portion of the spirits will instantly vaporize, which can be consumed through a straw. Vapshot Silver Commercial System is self-contained and automated; it provides a full liter of internal capacity before refilling the reservoir.

Due to the efficiency of the Vapshot Silver Commercial system, up to 1,500 Vapshots can be produced from a single 750ml bottle of alcohol. The average selling price per Vapshot is $5+.

The Vapshot Silver system has all of the features of the Vapshot Pro system but has a single serving gun. The Vapshot Silver system is designed for medium volume commercial use that is perfect for use in medium to large sized bars and small to medium nightclubs with a capacity of up to 500 people.

The Vapshot Silver Commercial System is designed for medium-volume use and is capable of serving up to 720 shots per hour, averaging 5 seconds per shot. When fully loaded with a single bottle of 750ml alcohol, the Vapshot Silver system can dispense up to 1,500 Vapshots before refilling.

However, because of the popularity of Vapshot, bars and clubs are getting many new customers wanting to try Vapshots. In most cases, these establishments have dramatically increased their alcohol purchases from distributors because Vapshots help to pull drink sales up overall. The average increase in their normal alcohol sales are at least 25% on top of revenues generated by the sale of Vapshots.

The Vapshot Silver Commercial System is constructed from the best possible materials with an all aluminum interior and exterior structure. All of the components are either food service or medical grade and are precision tooled for years of trouble-free operation.

The Vapshot Silver Commercial System is equipped with a built in computer system that can be accessed via the Internet, and can be controlled using the 7″” touchscreen, which can also display videos and images for promotional purposes.

An optional Shot Counter provides accurate count of the number of Vapshots served to help bar / club managers and owners manage their sales and inventory.

Weight 40.00 lbs
Dimensions 16.00 x 16.00 x 16.00 in

5 reviews for Vapshot Silver Commercial System

  1. 4 out of 5

    I ordered a white version and it was back ordered. I had to wait a few weeks for it but the people at Vapshot offered me a free upgrade to the stainless so I can get it quicker. That was pretty cool and worth the wait.

    I was so excited to get the machine and when it got here, I realized it was actually built much better than any appliance I had in my kitchen.

    I filled it up with Crown Royal and tried it. Disappointingly nothing happened, no vapors when I popped it.

    Then I realized I had to prime the unit to get it started. Once that happened, WOW! it worked great.

    The Crown Royal tasted awesome. I felt it kick in almost immediately and it was smooth. It made me happy and kind of euphoric. A really clean buzz.

    Next I put in some higher octane stuff. Vapshot said some people used Bacardi 151 so I put that in. It was wonderful. Great taste and a really good effect.

    I’m entirely happy with the Vapshot mini and yeah, it’s the hit of the party everywhere I take it

    John Wilson
    John Wilson
  2. 5 out of 5

    So i got the Vapshot and it is absolutely amazing. The Beverage that is chosen is hardly tasted. I love the Vapshot it is so much better than just taking shots. The buzz is instant, i recommend the Vapshot to anyone who is of age to drink.

    Also i don’t believe the hype that you might get alcohol poisoning because you lungs wont vomit, you feel the buzz and know when to stop

  3. 5 out of 5

    Hey Vapshot. Can you make a 2 liter bottle? I have a Vapshot mini and I love it, but it would be nice if you made a bigger bottle so I can get a double shot. I mean the 1 liter is pretty cool I must admit, but I think a 2 liter bottle will be twice as good. I know you guys did the 1 liter bottle to make sure you are within the safety levels, blah, blah, blah, but you guys have so much safety margin right now a double shot isn’t going to change that at all. So, what do you say? Give us guys with a higher tolerance a bit more? Otherwise, like everyone has posted everywhere, your products are top notch

    Keith Lagrone
    Keith Lagrone
  4. 4 out of 5

    Got the Vapshot today. Called some friends. Popped some caps and yep, the thing works. Probably should call them to see if I can get a commission cause I think I just helped them sell machines to all my friends. Would have given them 5 stars if they had it in stock when I ordered, but I guess it was worth the wait

    Gale Doogan
    Gale Doogan
  5. 5 out of 5

    What’s there not to like? It hits you instantly, makes you feel great and you’re still in control. Everything worked right out of the box. I’ve tried it with different kinds of alcohol and it all tastes great. I even tried it with wine. Not much of a punch but very aromatic for sure. Red bull doesn’t work real well though, can’t really taste that

    Mike Fernand
    Mike Fernand
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