The following countries have exclusive distributors that can sell and service Vapshot products directly. If a company or person represents themselves to be an exclusive distributor but their country is not listed here, they do not have any exclusive distribution rights. If you are unsure if the person or company you plan on purchasing from is authorized to sell our products, please contact us directly at: 1-512-628-9555 or [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: It is illegal to vape or inhale alcohol in any manner in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal and Bhutan. In fact it is even against the law to possess a device that will do so and will result in fines and jail time. Because of this we cannot sell or ship our products to those locations. 

Exclusive distributor for the following countries (click here):

1. Latvia

2. Azerbaijan

3. Afganistan

4. Abkhazia

5. Armenia

6. Belarus

7. Kazakhstan

8. Kyrgyzstan

9. The Republic of Moldova

10. Russia

11. Tajikistan

12. Turkmenistan

13. Uzbekistan

14. Ukraine

15. Georgia

16. Mongolia

17. South Ossetia

18. Dnestr Moldavian Republic

19. Donetsk People's Republic

20. Luhansk People's Republic

21. Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Republic

22. Dnipropetrovsk region

23. Donetsk region

24. Zaporozhye region

25. Lugansk region

26. Nikolaevkskaya area

27. Odessa region

28. Kharkov region

29. Kherson region

30. Sevastopol

31. Crimea

32. Lithuania

33. Estonia