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Once again Vapshot is attending the annual imbibe LIVE event in London, U.K. where it is showing its Vapshot systems and accessories.


Shown here is the Gen6 models of the Vapshot Pro for commercial use and Vapshot Mini Home for personal use. They represent the most advanced and well safety tested alcohol vaporization systems in the world.


Vapshot is represented by Victor Wong, CEO and Ernest Acrey, Product Specialist as well as Holly and Stephanie who are demonstrators.


As always, Vapshot has one of the most popular stands at the show and served over 1,000 Vapshot in just the first day.

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New promotional and marketing items for bars and clubs serving Vapshot. Some customizable with your logo.


Use them to get more traffic to your bar or club and make more money selling Vapshots!

led sign

Remember, most places also see an increase of 25% to 35% on their normal liquor sales in addition to Vapshot sales because of the increased traffic!


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From the review:

“Vapshot is a leader in the alcohol vaporizer industry. You’ll find their machines in bars and clubs, but they also manufacture machines for home use too.


Each Vapshot is served in a special container that’s designed to pressurize and vaporize alcohol. To serve, just twist open the cap and pop the top.

The alcohol will vaporize right before your eyes. Now, this isn’t the same as smoking alcohol. You consume the vapor through a straw, and any leftover liquid can be drank just like a regular shot or cocktail.”

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Vapshot roll-out party in Hungary.

Check out the wild party with over 500 attendees!

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Seven tech items you wouldn’t believe exist



Why bother to drink alcohol when you can just inhale it instead?

According to its makers, the bizarre product lets users experience the fun part of drinking alcohol while minimizing the hangover.

At 1/60th the amount of a normal shot of alcohol, Vapshots are said to bring out the taste of the liquor and only last for 15 minutes at a time.

“[To use Vapshot] you just twist open the bottle cap like with any other bottle and it will pop on its own. Vapshot contains much less pressure than a bottle of champagne but still puts out a loud pop sound. However, it should be treated like a bottle of champagne,” the manufacturer said on its website.

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Vapshot at NCBshow 2016

Vapshot at NCBshow 2016

FlavShot pretty much stole the NCBshow 2016 in Las Vegas. Virtually everyone agreed it was the most innovative product there.


We also served over 1,200 FlavShots in a day and a half and had the busiest booth both days of the show.

It was pretty cool.

Best thing was the people / groups that attended the shows were probably some of the best organized and profitable bars / clubs out there, so they understood why Vapshot or FlavShot was a great thing for them.


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The FlavShot Commercial System fills the FlavShot serving bottles to produce FlavShots ready to be served.

FlavShot vaporizes food extract flavoring to create unique experience.

FlavShot is served in a bottle that pops when opened.

FlavShot tastes great.

FlavShot only has 1/60th the calories of a normal shot.

FlavShot’s effects hit you instantly.

FlavShot does not use branded spirits and is legal in all 50 states.

Cost for FlavShot is less than $0.02 per serving and sells for $5.00 to $7.00 per shot in bars and clubs

Dual 6 ounce internal reservoirs offers two (2) different flavors to your customers and can serve up to 720 FlavShorts before refilling.

Please note: FlavShot is specially designed to be used with Food Flavorings and Extracts only! Use of branded spirits will void all warranty and support and may damage the system.

Available with Internet accessible shot counter.

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We are starting to receive mass quantities of parts and components for Vapshot Pro systems. Our next production run is for 1,250 units of which 1,000 will be put into the state of Texas under our rental program. If you are interested in getting a Vapshot system into your bar or club free of charge, please contact us for more information!

Email: [email protected] or Tel: 512-628-9555


Custom machined parts for 1,250 Vapshot Pro systems

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Check out the Vapshot Bahrain product release parties. We had three different events: (1) The Beach Party, (2) The Black Tie, and (3) The Dance Club.

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What if there was a brand new way to enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverages that’ll get the party started faster and won’t slow you down? Something new, trendy and sciency…yeah, we just made up that word.

​Introducing Vapshot vaporized spirits.

That’s right, you’ve probably heard about it all over the news and now you can enjoy vaporized alcohol anytime at home or at one of your awesome parties.

Vapshot mini is designed to vaporize alcohol, which you can inhale with a straw. It hits you instantly and kick starts your buzz!

Vapshot mini is simple to set up and use. Put your favorite liquor into the machine, inject the mixture into the Vapshot serving bottle and you’ve got a Vapshot ready to go!

Twist to pop the top and you’ve got yourself a vaporized drink that’s going to rock your world.

Vapshot mini is fast, fun and versatile. You can create a vapor only shot, a shot of liquor with a vapor shot, or even a full mix drink with a vapor shot.

​Constructed of the highest quality materials, Vapshot mini comes in two finishes, white and stainless steel. No matter which you choose, Vapshot mini is bound to be the hit at all your parties!

Vapshot is the only laboratory tested product for vaporizing alcohol. Using information published by OSHA, one of the most respected agencies for safety, Vapshot is well within the acceptable levels for inhaling alcohol.

Vapshot mini is small and portable so it’s is ready to hit the road when you are. Use it by your pool, on your boat or even when you’re camping. Vapshot mini will get your party started anytime, anywhere… instantly, so check out the future of adult beverages today. Vapshot mini, catch the buzz and inhale responsibly…

Vapshot mini will be publically showcased Friday July 17th at the Engadget Live event in Seattle. In addition, Vapshot will be features in multiple upcoming episodes of Hotmixology on SPIKE TV.

​Vapshot mini is price as follows: White ($699) or Stainless Steel ($899) and comes with two serving bottles. Additional serving bottles are available for ($9) each.

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